In theory all meizu models supported

But For now we had tested this models and 100% supported by our tool:

Meizu 16S M1971

Meizu 16th M1882

Meizu 16th Plus M1892

Meizu M15 Lite M1871

Meizu 16X M1872

Meizu 15 M1881

Meizu 16s Pro m1973

Meizu Pro 7 P25

Meizu Pro 7 Plus

Meizu Pro 7 X30

Meizu M6s M1712

Meizu M6 M1711

Meizu M6T M1811

meizu M8C M1810


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You still can use your account to unlock SAME device again and again unlimited times


Check drivers. Try on another pc. on some pc USB 3.0 make problems.


YES. but is cost extra fee , becouse of exchange rate . Use next button to pay via paypal


YES. you need unlock bootloader. then use this standart fastboot command "fastboot erase userdata" and then "fastboot reboot"

if phone stuck in recovery just press 5 times Volume+ and then 5 time Volume-